Whole Upper 1/3 Choice Angus Beef Tenderloin


Pieces: 1

Weight: 6lb average


As a Dallas butcher shop, we offer an artisan tenderloin beef, wet aged for 28 days that redefines Angus beef with unmatched taste and flavor. Our uncompromised commitment to maintaining superior quality, out-standing marbling, and tight specification, enhances your beef eating experience! We are the only one in Dallas that offers this quality of beef in bulk direct-to-consumer with free delivery in Dallas. We offer an exclusive supply of Angus beef with extraordinary marbling backed by generations of expertise.


This includes:

  • Black Angus cattle
  • Midwest grain fed
  • Product of USA
  • “A”maturity
  • Medium-to-fine marbling texture
  • No dairy or Brahman influence


Marbling Score: Moderate 00 and >

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Weight 6 lbs
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