Why is there a lead time?2024-04-12T16:19:59-05:00

Our product is cut to order specifically for you! When an order is placed, our butchers custom cut our product and blast freeze it, to ensure it arrives to you in the most preserved, freshest, and cleanest state!

Shipping out of DFW2022-06-16T11:16:03-05:00

For orders placed to be delivered outside of DFW shipping radius, we require 3-5 days for orders to be cut and shipped.

Orders placed Monday – Tuesday will be cut and shipped within 1-2 days
Orders placed Wednesday – Sunday will be cut and shipped at the beginning of the following week.

ALL OUT OF TOWN DELIVERIES ARE SHIPPED PRIORITY OVERNIGHT AND FRESH-FROZEN. We do this to ensure that your order gets to you in the absolute best shape possible, giving you maximum opportunity to enjoy it at your leisure.

Delivery in DFW2022-07-18T07:06:00-05:00

For deliveries within our DFW shipping radius, we deliver M-F. Orders placed M-TH will take typically 1-2 days to be cut and delivered, any orders received after 6 PM CST Thursday will be cut and delivered at the beginning of the following week.

Where do we deliver?2020-06-29T18:57:56-05:00

We offer local delivery throughout Dallas and Ft. Worth, and we ship nationwide.

What is our minimum lb purchase requirement?2020-05-29T15:50:45-05:00

We require a 5lb minimum purchase, and this does include FREE DELIVERY!

What is Wet Aged Beef?2023-08-17T12:14:17-05:00

Wet-aged beef produces a decadent and tender steak. Perfect for all major cuts, wet-aged beef is the process of letting the freshly cut loins that are vacuum-sealed, sit in refrigeration to marinate in their own juices prior to portioning, ultimately dissolving the toughness and resulting in the most decadent flavor and tenderness in every bite. Our beef is wet-aged 28 days for the ultimate experience. Trust us, YOU CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE!

Why Marbling Matters?2020-03-25T11:20:05-05:00
Marbling is the threads of fat within the lean meat that make it more tender and rich in flavor. The amount of marbling can affect the eating experience. Beef that carries a high degree of well-distributed marbling retains moisture during cooking and can be cooked with a higher heat to a rare doneness while maintaining excellent tenderness, flavor, and juiciness.


While several factors work together to deliver well-marbled beef, there are three very important factors that strongly influence both the quality and quantity of intermuscular fat.


The best ranchers and feeders understand the impact that cattle selection and management style have on the quality of beef they raise. These craftsmen apply decades of experience in selecting the best cattle while providing quality animal care in a superior environment that ensures they can consistently deliver the highest quality marbled beef.


Genetic factors strongly influence both the quantity of marbling, as well as its overall distribution and fineness. The Angus breed is well known for the quality and high degree of marbling expressed in its beef cuts.


All cattle are grass fed but research shows that grain-finished cattle produce more marbling. Additionally, finishing cattle on consistent, high-energy feed produces an eating experience that is often defined as slightly sweeter as well as juicier.

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