What is Wet Aged Beef?2020-07-20T19:30:53-05:00

Wet aged beef produces a decadent and tender steak. Perfect for ribeyes, NY Strips, tenderloins and porterhouse steaks, wet aged beef is the process of letting the freshly cut steaks that are then vacuum packed and refrigerated to marinate in its own juices, dissolving the toughness and resulting in the most decadent flavor and tenderness in every bite.  You can wet-age beef anywhere from 7-28 days. Our beef is wet-aged 28 days.  Trust us. YOU CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE!

What is our minimum lb purchase requirement?2020-05-29T15:50:45-05:00

We require a 5lb minimum purchase, and this does include FREE DELIVERY!

Where do we deliver?2020-06-29T18:57:56-05:00

We offer local delivery throughout Dallas and Ft. Worth, and we ship nationwide.

So, what’s a box, half box and 2-pack mean?2020-04-28T20:07:52-05:00

We sell our cryvac sealed proteins in 2-pack boxes, combo box, half box and full boxes box and whole pieces with a 5lb minimum purchase.

2-Pack Box – We are able to offer most of our proteins two to a box. For example if you order a 2-pack of 8oz filets, you receive 2 filets.

Combo Box – Combo boxes include a combination of proteins in a box. For example, it could include 4 filets, 4 striploins and 4 porterhouse steaks.

Half Box – Our half-box option equals half of what a full box would contain. For example, a half box of 8oz filets includes 10 filets.

Full Box – Box is actually a full box of protein. Our boxes can include up to 20 pieces of a single protein. For example, a box of  80z filets includes 20 filets. Usually this bulk purchase is usually not available direct to the public! AND you may think that’s alot of beef! But, you are able to store it in the frig for up to 8 days and freeze, as well!

Whole – We sell our briskets, tenderloins, ribeyes and more as whole roasts, racks and uncut. These are usually sold a 1 single whole unit to a box.




What is Premier Choice Beef?2020-04-15T16:23:41-05:00

Bone-in Butcher shop offers both Prime and Upper Choice 1/3 (Premier Choice) graded beef.  Only about 5% of beef qualifies as Premier Choice. But why is Premier Choice so beneficial?

1. Quality

  • Premier Choice has very fine marbling that’s just a cut below prime
  • Flavor
  • Ultra Tender

2. Price

  • Because Premier Choice is just a grade below Prime, you get the tenderness, flavor and fine marbling but without the Prime price tag.
  • Don’t confuse your grocery stores “premium choice” label on beef at Upper Choice 1/3 or Premier Choice. The USDA doesn’t regulate the word “Premium” and can create false expectations.

3. Wet-Aged

At Bone-in Butcher Shop, we don’t just stop with the selection of Premier Choice. We 28-day wet age our beef to bring out even more flavor and tenderness. If you haven’t had wet-aged beef, you just haven’t lived!

Wet aging consists of vacuum packing beef—either primal or sub-primal cuts—in plastic (cryovac) and letting it age in a refrigerator. The meat is packed in its own juices, allowing its natural enzymes to break down connective issues…but without the fluid loss or mold growth of dry aging.

When our customer select Premier Choice from Bone-in Butcher Shop, they  know they are getting quality in every savory bite or our delicious beef options. And remember Premier Choice is tender, flavorful, has amazing marbling and really takes Prime to task without breaking the bank.

What is Artisanal Cut Beef?2020-03-25T11:30:07-05:00

Artisan is pronounced ahr-tuh-zuhn, and is defined as: 1. a person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson, and 2. a person or company that makes a high-quality, distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand and using traditional methods: as in food artisans.

A socially conscious approach to butchery
In the past, to be an artisan simply meant that you were a person skilled in your trade or craft. Today, however, the term indicates a traditional, non-mechanized means of making a product or preparing food or drink. Artisan butchers therefore eschew the practices of factory farming and mass production, generally sourcing organic meat from local farmers and committing to using every possible part of an animal.

We offer artisanally cut proteins not found on the retail level or in grocery stores. Our cutting also goes way beyond what is available at your local butcher shop.

Why is there a lead time?2020-11-16T07:17:35-06:00

When you place your order, we immediately get to work! We custom cut our beef based on-demand, which is why we require lead times.

When do we deliver?2020-03-25T11:20:59-05:00

We deliver M-F from 12N-6P.

Why Marbling Matters?2020-03-25T11:20:05-05:00
Marbling is the threads of fat within the lean meat that make it more tender and rich in flavor. The amount of marbling can affect the eating experience. Beef that carries a high degree of well-distributed marbling retains moisture during cooking and can be cooked with a higher heat to a rare doneness while maintaining excellent tenderness, flavor, and juiciness.


While several factors work together to deliver well-marbled beef, there are three very important factors that strongly influence both the quality and quantity of intermuscular fat.


The best ranchers and feeders understand the impact that cattle selection and management style have on the quality of beef they raise. These craftsmen apply decades of experience in selecting the best cattle while providing quality animal care in a superior environment that ensures they can consistently deliver the highest quality marbled beef.


Genetic factors strongly influence both the quantity of marbling, as well as its overall distribution and fineness. The Angus breed is well known for the quality and high degree of marbling expressed in its beef cuts.


All cattle are grass fed but research shows that grain-finished cattle produce more marbling. Additionally, finishing cattle on consistent, high-energy feed produces an eating experience that is often defined as slightly sweeter as well as juicier.

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