Frozen 2-Pack Beef Ribeye Steak Prime 16oz


Pieces: 2

Weight: 16 oz each




We offer an artisan beef that redefines Prime beef with unmatched taste and flavor. Our uncompromised commitment to maintaining superior quality, out-standing marbling, and tight specification enhances your beef eating experience! We offer bulk direct to consumer prime ribeye steaks with free delivery in Dallas.

Our Prime Ribeye Steak is wet aged 28-days for juiciness and flavor and sealed for freshness. We custom cut our beef based on demand. We offer artisanally cut proteins not found on the retail level or in grocery stores. Our cutting also goes way beyond what is available at your local butcher shop. We use a thick milled, high density cryovac bag that stores the deliciousness.

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Weight 2 lbs
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