Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Size: 17 Fluid oz – 500 ml


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From the Land, to the Table

  Produced exclusively in the Puglia Region of Southern Italy, is considered by the vast majority to be the highest quality olive oil in the world for numerous reasons.

  • the lowest acidity level of all European extra virgin olive oil, at a maximum of 0.2%.
  • Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is higher in Polyphemus than other olive oils. Polyphemus has been scientifically proven to aid in prevention of certain degenerative illnesses, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, cancer, & high blood pressure.


Currently, Terra Mia is the only known company who can offer this olive oil to the final consumer as a stand-alone product. The richness, purity & quality derived from the olive fruits we harvest, crush & process, is also directly implemented in our other traditional olive oil products, as a cutting oil.

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