Berkshire Center Cut French Rack Pork Roast


Pieces: 1

Weight: 7-7.5 Pound

** Item shipped frozen**


Why settle for a pale imitation when you can have the real thing?  100% certified pure heirloom Berkshire pork is distinctive for its rich ruby color and exquisite marbling, tenderness, and depth of flavor.

Don’t just take our word for it. In 1992, the National Pork Board tested nine sire lines for their meat and eating quality. Berkshire pork placed first in nineteen of twenty traits, including: loin color, tenderness, marbling, superior moisture content

Pork pH has a great influence on palatability and quality of the meat. Findings of a 2 year project show Berkwood Farms 100% Berkshire pork has an average pH of 6.1 compared to the commodity pork with a more acidic pH around 5.7.

This results in a more tender, juicy, and flavorful product. This is achieved through superior genetics and limited animal stress


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Weight 7 lbs
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