Texas Wagyu Hanging Tender


Packages: 2 (2 Tenders per package)

Weight: 2-3lbs. Per Package

Only 1 per carcass, the hanging tender is a soft, elliptical-shaped muscle that is attached to the diaphragm.


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It is our belief that healthy, well-fed cattle produce the best meat. That’s why our cattle are raised naturally, free from hormones or antibiotics. In order to make certain that every single cut of beef meets our standards, our herds stay under our personal guidance from conception to plate.

Wagyu has a higher percentage of monounsaturated fat and low cholesterol content, making it the healthiest beef available. Highly marbled beef not only has a different flavor profile, but also contains valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids aid in protection against high blood pressure, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and Arthritis. Wagyu beef has a rich, buttery flavor and remarkable tenderness.

‘Wagyu’ refers to Japanese beef cattle: ‘Wa’ meaning Japanese and ‘gyu’ meaning cow. These particular cows have more intra-muscular fat cells (‘marbling’) and were originally used in Japan in agriculture as draft animals. Only Wagyu cattle with the finest proven genetics are kept for breeding, highlighting its superior value. In 1975, Wagyu cattle were first imported to the United States, bringing with it what the Japanese have declared ‘a national living treasure’.


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Weight 7 lbs
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